Welcome to healthy eating through common sense cookery! Why we are here….

I started this website to share my latest passion – really good food. 

Now that sounds rather quaint given the number of foodie websites out here in the verse. However, it was 2013, the beginning of 2013 that is, that was my wake up call.  I have been a healthy eater off and on during my life.  The end of 2012 found me in one of my “not eating healthy” moments.  I was overweight, depressed (suffer from SAD – the seasonal affected disorder) and eating more junk than good food.  That led to me visitng the ER only a couple of days into the new year.

I got religion when some stupid doctor came into the ER room and wanted to have me come into his office in the near future to have a bunch of tests done and some surgery was intimated. Forget that rot!

I started my days with breakfast, eating oatmeal with craisins and walnuts (none of these were previously on my favorite foods lists) along with a Fuji apple, sliced into bite sized pieces.  Then I had peanut butter on high fiber, whole grain breads for lunch and drank lots and lots of water (after it has been put through our reverse osmosis filters). I was still drinking plenty of coffee through till midday and more than a fair amount of cocktails in the evening.  But I had my 22 grams of fiber (the daily minimum requirement) before lunchtime! I was not losing any weight, but the regularity issue had ceased to be a problem!

Then we moved to a new home.  The kitchen was one of the main reasons I fell in love with it.  I had a chef’s gourmet kitchen. Stainless steel appliances, (an acre of) granite counter tops, custom tiled backsplash, lots of cabinets, a window to draw in plenty of light, lots of lights under cabinets and overhead.  What a lovely place to celebrate food, food preparation and eating!

The move was beneficial in many ways.  What with all the packing, stress of buying a new home and the actual move, I took off 30 pounds!

Then I began reading about the Mediterranian Diet.  I went online to locate recipes although most of them were not seeming to be really a Mediterranian Diet, just more of a variation on things I was already cooking. But it was a really big change from 2012’s diet!  I also noticed that a lot of the ingredients were challenging for me to acquire.  To have a lot of herbs, spices and other ingredients on hand for one dish I might make once, or twice, or, ok, maybe three times in a year did not seem like a good use of money or cabinet space.  I began to experiment with the recipes using the ingredients I had on hand.  And if I bought an ingredient, it got used in place of some I had not yet purchased!

So has begun this journey, with the intention of recording recipes from my experiments, my mother’s cooking and from places I have been and the food I have consumed – a place to record my own recipes, my own style of cooking at this website. I hope you enjoy it!




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