Food Sharing versus Food Waste Composting

Neighborhood Food Compost Bin

Neighborhood Food Compost Bin

I am not a radical in the food world.  However, I do have strong opinions. This whole food composting, politically-correct idea is a bit off-putting for me. I know there are things that are appropriate to composting – rinds and peelings of fruit and vegetables, bones from the chicken or turkey (or beef and pork if you are into that), and some items that are not actual food.

That said, it is my belief that people waste too much of the food they could be sharing. It is hard to cook for just one, or two people.  Most recipes expect to feed a minimum of four people, if not more.  So when I start to create recipes, I calculate by and for two and almost always wind up with three or four.

Fortunately for me, there are many one person homes in my neighborhood.  These people love having a meal provided that eliminates them having to cook – whether immediately or within a couple of days. Most of my recipes work out to be good, healthy eating.  I am happy to be feeding a number of people during a month with the amounts that are over and above what my husband and I can eat.  It eliminates nights of “leftovers” as well.

I encourage people to “share” their meals rather than compost the left overs!

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